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Hersheys Chocolate Essay Example for Free

Hersheys Chocolate Essay Hershey’s organization began with treats maker Milton Hershey’s choice in 1894 to create sweet chocolate as a covering for his caramels. Situated in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the new undertaking was named the Hershey Chocolate Company. In 1900, the organization started creating milk chocolate in bars, wafers and different shapes. With large scale manufacturing, Hershey had the option to bring down the per-unit cost and make milk chocolate, when an extravagance thing for the affluent, moderate to all. An organization progressing. The prompt achievement of Hershey’s ease, top notch milk chocolate before long caused the company’s proprietor to think about expanding his creation offices. He chose to assemble another chocolate processing plant in the midst of the delicately moving farmland of south-focal Pennsylvania in Derry Township, where he had been conceived. Near the ports of New York and Philadelphia that provided the imported sugar and cocoa beans required, encompassed by dairy cultivates that gave the milk required, and the area was great. By the mid year of 1905, the new processing plant was turning out tasty milk chocolate. New items, tough situations. All through the following two decades, much more items were added to the company’s contributions. These included MR. GOODBAR Candy Bar (1925), HERSHEY’S Syrup (1926), HERSHEYS chocolate chips (1928) and the KRACKEL bar (1938). Notwithstanding the Great Depression of the 1930s, these items helped the recently consolidated Hershey Chocolate Corporation keep up its gainfulness and stay away from any laborer cutbacks. HERSHEY’S chocolate does battle. With the flare-up of World War II, the Hershey Chocolate Corp. (which had given milk chocolate bars to American doughboys in the principal war) was at that point equipped to begin delivering an endurance apportion bar for military use. Before the finish of the war, in excess of a billion Ration D bars had been delivered and the organization had earned no under five Army-Navy â€Å"E† Production Awards for its extraordinary commitments to the war exertion. Truth be told, the company’s machine shop even turned out parts for the Navy’s antiaircraft firearms. A family companion turns into a relative. The after war time frame saw the presentation of a large group of new items and the securing of an old one. Since 1928, H.B. â€Å"Harry† Reese’s Candy Company, additionally situated in Hershey, had been making chocolate-secured nutty spread cups. Given that Hershey Chocolate Company provided the covering for REESE’S â€Å"penny cups, (the covering stated, â€Å"Made in Chocolate Town, So They Must Be Good†), it was not astounding that the two organizations had a decent relationship. Thus, seven years after Reese’s demise in 1956, the H.B. Reese Candy Company was offered to Hershey Chocolate Corp. Growing up and stretching out. The next decades would see the organization renamed Hershey Foods Corporation in 1968 growing its dessert shop product offerings, procuring related organizations and in any event, expanding into other food items. Among the numerous acquisitions were San Giorgio Macaroni and Delmonico Foods (1966); assembling and promoting rights to English treats organization Rowntree MacKintosh’s items (1970); YS Candies, creators of TWIZZLERS licorice (1977); Dietrich Corp.’s ice cream parlor tasks (1986); Peter Paul/Cadbury’s U.S. candy store activities (1988); and Ronzoni Foods (1990). The Hershey Company enters another century. Today, The Hershey Company is the main North American producer of chocolate and non-chocolate sweet shop and basic food item items. As the new thousand years starts, The Hershey Company keeps on presenting new items as often as possible and make the most of development openings through acquisitions. HERSHEY’S items are known and appreciated everywhere throughout the world. Indeed, the organization fares to more than 90 nations. The Hershey Company stays focused on the vision and estimations of the man who began everything such huge numbers of years prior. A New Company: 1894 In the first place, the Hershey Chocolate Company was just a completely claimed auxiliary of Milton Hershey’s Lancaster Caramel Company. Utilizing chocolate-production gear bought at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago, the organization delivered preparing chocolate, cocoa and sweet chocolate coatings for the parent company’s caramels. However, things changed with the employing of William Murrie to offer the overabundance item to different confectioners. Murrie was so fruitful a sales rep that the Hershey Chocolate Company immediately transformed into a practical worry all alone. Milton Hershey turned out to be significantly increasingly persuaded that his future in the sweets business lay in chocolate, not caramels. Sweet Chocolate Novelties: 1895 †1909 By 1895, the Hershey Chocolate Company was producing 114 unique things in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Many were enhanced with vanilla and given extravagant sounding names like LeRoi de Chocolate, Petit Bouquets and Chocolate Croquettes. Chocolate â€Å"segars† and cigarettes were additionally very famous. Some chocolate cigarettes and stogies, for example, Vassar Gems and Smart Set Cigarettes, were deliberately promoted to ladies as an option in contrast to the tobacco assortment. Chocolate was additionally touted as a wellspring of speedy vitality for competitors. The Baby in the Bean: 1898 On August 1, 1898, the organization received an extremely unmistakable image for its trademark. The little youngster in a cocoa bean pod showed up on jars of HERSHEY’S COCOA up until 1936, when it was at long last supplanted by the square lettering recognizable today. The â€Å"Baby in the Bean† experienced numerous manifestations, here and there holding a cup of cocoa, once in a while a chocolate bar. Indeed, even the child’s hair and outward appearance experienced changes throughout the years. The logo image was at long last resigned in 1968, when the organization was revamped as Hershey Foods Corporation. Finding the Formula: 1895 †1904 While his organization was effective enough selling sweet chocolate items, Milton Hershey was sure the genuine market lay in milk chocolate. The issue was in building up a recipe for assembling it economically and productively, while as yet keeping up a significant level of value. Hershey constructed a milk-preparing plant on the family ranch in Derry Township in 1896 and went through the following quite a while building up a feasible detailing for milk chocolate. Hershey worked day and night, going to and fro between the gathering room and the creamery, once in a while in any event, halting for dinners. At long last, in 1899, he split the formula and turned into the main American to produce milk chocolate. Hershey Goes to Cuba: 1916 With the beginning of World War I, the European beet sugar, which Hershey had been utilizing to make his milk chocolate, turned out to be progressively scant. Along these lines, scanning for a progressively trustworthy source, Milton Hershey began gaining unadulterated sweetener manors and developing treatment facilities in Cuba. Commonly, he additionally settled an arranged network for the laborers, called Central Hershey, in light of the Pennsylvania model. Hershey’s Cuban possessions in the long run included 60,000 sections of land of land, five factories, a 251-mile railroad and, of course, a school for stranded youngsters. Before the finish of World War II, the organization discovered it not, at this point required its Cuban sources, and its sugar and railroad interests were offered to the Cuban-Atlantic Sugar Company. Growing and Innovating. Venturing Stones Many Hershey items that are natural today were initially delivered for the confectionary exchange and were later reformulated for customers. HERSHEY’S powdered cocoa, for instance, has been fabricated ceaselessly since 1894. Additionally, Hershey was the first to sell chocolate syrup for home utilize starting in 1926. Not all items under the HERSHEY brand were so effective in the commercial center. HERSHEY’S mint-seasoned biting gum, presented in 1915, delighted in just concise prevalence. What's more, a creation named the Not-So-Sweet bar was presented in 1934, just to be suspended in 1937. A Kiss and Tell Story Obviously, the absolute first expansion to the HERSHEY’S product offering of milk chocolate sugary treats was HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolates route in 1907. Initially, every one was hand-enveloped by a square of silver foil, however in 1921 machine wrapping was presented, alongside the expansion of the one of a kind â€Å"plume† which stamped it as an authentic HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolate. The chocolates were not created at all from 1942 through 1949 because of the apportioning of silver foil during and following World War II. HERSHEY’S KISSES Chocolates were enveloped by hues other than silver without precedent for 1962. HERSHEY’S KISSES with almonds were presented in 1990 and the principal fruitful HERSHEY’S item utilizing white chocolate, HERSHEY’S HUGS, in 1993. Sweet Inventions Two of the best items propelled during ‘20s were the MR. GOODBAR and KRACKEL bars. MR. GOODBAR, consolidating milk chocolate and peanuts, was presented in November of 1925. As indicated by well known legend, Milton Hershey himself named the new item. After tasting it, he is said to have shouted, â€Å"Now, that’s a decent bar!† The KRACKEL bar was presented on September 14, 1938. During its initial hardly any years, the equation for the sweet changed a few times, with almonds, and afterward peanuts, being incorporated alongside crisped rice in milk chocolate. At last, the nuts were wiped out inside and out in 1943, leaving the firm milk chocolate formula appreciated by millions from that point forward. Mr. Reese and his Cups In 1923, a previous Hershey representative named H.B. Reese chose to begin his own sweets organization out of the storm cellar of his home. He made a few various types of sweets, however it wasn’t until five years after the fact that he hit upon his most prominent thought: a sugary treat of nutty spread secured by milk chocolate (bought, by chance, from the Hershey Chocolate Company). During World War II, he stopped his

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The Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken

The Most Famous Wildfire Photograph Ever Taken Some consider the picture appeared, taken by a perceptive wildland fireman, to be one of the most wonderful photos of both wildfireâ and natural life taking asylum. The photoâ was taken on August 6,â 2000, by John McColgan who was a fire conduct master working under aâ cooperative concurrence with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and joined to an Alaskan Type I Incident Management Team on a Montana wildfire.​ McColgan says he was at the ideal spot with his Kodak DC280 advanced camera when fire conditions and natural life movement joined to make his picture. The pic was spared as simply one more picture record in the new kind of computerized camera.â McColgan completed his work for the BLM and came back to his home in Fairbanks, Alaska. He was unable to be found for quite a long time after one of those photos turned viral and spread rapidly over the Internet.â One of his elk and shoot previews has quick gotten one of the most downloaded natural photographs of untamed life and fierce blaze on the Internet. Burglarize Chaney, aâ reporter for the Montana Missoulianâ suggested that there were different reasons this photograph was so extraordinary. Here are a portion of the remarks reported:â Best darned elk photograph Ive ever seen.Best darned fire photograph Ive ever seen.Best darned photograph, period, Ive ever observed. From the Official Record The well known photograph was taken on a Sunday, in the late night where a few flames consumed together close to Sula, Montana (populace 37) and transformed into one enormous 100,000-section of land fierce blaze. McColgan coincidentally was remaining on a scaffold crossing the East Fork of the Bitterroot Riverâ in the Sula Complex of the Bitterroot National Forestâ in the state of Montana where he took what is currently called his elk shower advanced Image. McColgan was utilized by the Alaska Fire administration and was on credit to Montana and going about as a specialist on out of control fire conduct. McColgan coincidentally was an agreement fire examiner with another camera and took advanced pictures of two elk who got away from the fire by swimming in the Bitterroot River. No biggie. As a characteristic asset proficient, McColgan comprehended both out of control fire and wildlife. When got some information about the elk, he guaranteed that they realize where to go, where their sheltered zones are...a part of untamed life got driven down there to the waterway. There were some bighorn sheep there. A little deer was standing right underneath me, under the extension. McColgan finished his task and left for home. The Search for McColgan The advanced picture he took was sent starting with one individual then onto the next individual and as per the Montana Missoulian inside around 24 hours the elk photograph had around the world webbed its way over the West. For about seven days now, theres been a medium-size manhunt in progress over the West. The man everyones been chasing for is John McColgan of Fairbanks. The Nation and the World were sending messages and making calls for a considerable length of time to discover exactly who took the pictures of the rapidly spreading fire and natural life. It was the newspaper Missoulian in Montana who at long last explained the secret and followed McColgan down. He had in reality been in Montana and was presently in Fairbanks going to the introduction of his child, where the paper at long last discovered him and where he told journalist Rob Chaney that he had snapped the photo. I coincidentally was in the perfect spot at the privilege time. McColgan affirmed that he had been in fire insurance forâ yearsâ and that this specific fire positioned in the top threeâ extreme fire behaviorâ events he had ever seen.â Burglarize Chaney in light of the photograph composed that numerous individuals have never at any point seen an elk. The vast majority of the individuals who have, even those whove seen a large number of them, never get the chance to see a picture this way. The vast majority dont get the chance to see a fire this way, either. On account of McColgan and Rob Chaney, a great many individuals have seen this staggering picture. McColgans picture circulated around the web and in the long run was picked as a Time Magazine top choice.

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Why Writing a Case Study For the Resume Is Important

Why Writing a Case Study For the Resume Is ImportantThere are several reasons that writing a case study for the resume is needed. First, it provides a very basic outline of the organization, needs and goals of the employees that the employer hopes to hire. The reason that an organization needs a case study is because it tells the reader exactly what the organization does, where it operates, why people need to work for it, and how these things relate to the organization.The second reason is that a case study for the resume provides the potential employer with a comprehensive understanding of the operations of the organization. It includes all of the issues that are relevant to the position and any special expertise that the employee has acquired while working for the organization.The third reason that it is necessary to write a case study for the resume is that the case study helps the reader understand what it takes to succeed in the organization. For example, when an organization co nducts a training session, it is necessary to prepare a case study for the resume so that the potential employee can understand what goes into making this work. If the employee reads that one of the steps taken during the training session was to throw out a shirt in the washing machine, then the employee will understand that they are not going to get hired for a job as a cook because they do not know how to properly follow directions and can not handle washing clothes.Writing a case study for the resume may also be used to discuss how the organization reached a particular milestone or other notable point in the organization's history. The point of the case study is to give the reader an idea of how long the organization has been around and what kind of impact it has had on the world. A good case study for the resume helps to make the reader aware of how much work it took to build the organization.Case studies also allow the organization to show off its achievements and to communicat e how the organization's goals have worked out. This provides a valuable lesson for future employees and those who may want to work for the organization. The examples provided in the case study to help the reader to see exactly how an organization operates and how they need to make sure that their efforts are geared towards reaching their goals.Writing a case study for the resume is a great way to build relationships and to develop contacts that could lead to future business opportunities. For example, if the organization is looking for someone to serve as a volunteer director for their community, they can provide the person with the case study. It is a great way to introduce someone to what the organization is all about.It should be noted that many employers use case studies in conjunction with a curriculum vitae. It is perfectly acceptable to use both together. In fact, it can be a good way to focus on a candidate's attention on the curriculum vitae itself as well as the case stud y that the person is reading.When a candidate sees the case study and the employer's conversation, it takes away some of the burden that the resume or CV may be having. The case study makes it seem as though there is a time and place for everything. It also provides the case study to be helpful in determining which of the two is going to be most effective.

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Analysis Of SignificanceWill Make You Reevaluate Your...

Significance Will Make You Reevaluate Your Place in the World Ebony Bellamy Were constantly reading about NASAs recent discoveries. But, has there ever been a discovery they neglected to tell the public about? Significance explores this idea as it follows the events of a recent scientific discovery that could have irreversible effects on the planet. When stars appear in the night sky, we are seeing them in a past state. But, there are times when their past selves can directly affect Earth. When stars explode, which is known as a supernova, they send debris like radiation into space. This debris could have catastrophic results if it was headed toward Earth. This is precisely what happens in Significance. This science-fiction thriller†¦show more content†¦The something he was talking about was a scientific discovery. He has been searching for this for a long time. Now that he has found it, he refuses to believe its not important. Even when he learns other people know about the supernova, he knows he is just as vital to the discovery. Miles search for validation is something we have all experienced. How many times have we become consumed with something to prove we are smart, talented or worth something to someone else? We are always looking for approval from other people to validate our self-worth. But, sometimes it takes unplanned events to show us our significance in the world. Miles yearns for Millers approval despite Millers condescending behavior toward him. Having someone question your intelligence and ability to succeed repeatedly can destroy someones confidence. But, this helped Miles to never give up on his goal. When Miller is first introduced, he leaves a nasty taste in viewers mouths. Between his attitude and need to remind Miles how inferior he is, Miller is the type of professor you wish you never have. Then, when the audience finds out he knew about the supernova and the harm it could cause to mankind this makes them resent him even more. It also makes them question while Miles is so desperate for Millers approval. But, when he reveals why he never discussed his findings with anyone else the audience is able to see his softer side. Without enough

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African Americans in World War I

Fifty years after the end of the Civil War, the nation’s 9.8 million African Americans held a tenuous place in society. Ninety percent of African Americans lived in the South, most trapped in low-wage occupations, their daily lives shaped by restrictive â€Å"Jim Crow† laws and threats of violence. But the start of World War I in the summer of 1914 opened up new opportunities and changed American life and culture forever. â€Å"Recognizing the the significance of World War I is essential to developing a full understanding of modern African-American history and the struggle for black freedom,† argues Chad Williams, Associate Professor of African Studies at Brandeis University.      The Great Migration While the United States wouldn’t enter the conflict until 1917, the war in Europe stimulated the U.S. economy almost from the start, setting off a 44-month long period of growth, particularly in manufacturing. At the same time, immigration from Europe fell sharply, reducing the white labor pool. Combined with a boll weevil infestation that devoured millions of dollars worth of cotton crops in 1915 and other factors, thousands of African Americans across the South decided to head North. This was the start of the â€Å"Great Migration,† of more than 7 million African-Americans over the next half-century. During the World War I period, an estimated 500,000 African Americans moved out of the South, most of them heading for the cities. Between 1910-1920, the African American population of New York City grew 66%; Chicago, 148%; Philadelphia, 500%; and Detroit, 611%. As in the South, they faced discrimination and segregation in both jobs and housing in their new homes. Women, in particular, were largely relegated to the same work as domestics and childcare workers as they had at home. In some cases, tension between whites and the newcomers turned violent, as in the deadly East St Louis riots of 1917. Close Ranks African American public opinion on America’s role in the war mirrored that of white Americans: first they didn’t want to get involved in a European conflict, the quickly changing course in late 1916. When President Woodrow Wilson stood before Congress to ask for a formal declaration of war on April 2, 1917, his assertion that the world â€Å"must be made safe for democracy† resonated with African American communities as an opportunity to fight for their civil rights within the U.S. as part of a broader crusade to secure democracy for Europe. â€Å"Let us have a real democracy for the United States,† said an editorial in the Baltimore Afro-American, â€Å"and then we can advise a house-cleaning on the other side of the water.†    Some African American newspapers held that blacks shouldn’t participate in the war effort because of rampant American inequality. On the other end of the spectrum, W.E.B. DuBois wrote a powerful editorial for the NAACP’s paper, The Crisis. â€Å"Let us not hesitate. Let us, while this war lasts, forget our special grievances and close our ranks shoulder to shoulder with our own white fellow citizens and the allied nations that are fighting for democracy.†    Over There Most young African American men were ready and willing to prove their patriotism and their mettle. Over 1 million registered for the draft, of which 370,000 were selected for service, and more than 200,000 were shipped off to Europe. From the beginning, there were disparities in how African American servicemen were treated. They were drafted at a higher percentage. In 1917, local draft boards inducted 52% of black candidates and 32% of white candidates. Despite a push by African American leaders for integrated units, black troops remained segregated, and the vast majority of these new soldiers were used for support and labor, rather than combat. While many young soldiers were probably disappointed to spend the war as truck drivers, stevedores, and laborers, their work was vital to the American effort. The War Department did agree to train 1,200 black officers at a special camp in Des Moines, Iowa and a total of 1,350 African American officers were commissioned during the War. In the face of public pressure, the Army created two all-black combat units, the 92nd and 93rd Divisions. The 92nd Division became mired in a racial politics and other white divisions spread rumors that damaged its reputation and limited its opportunities to fight. The 93rd, however, was put under French control and didn’t suffer the same indignities. They performed well on the battlefields, with the 369th—dubbed the â€Å"Harlem Hellfighters†Ã¢â‚¬â€ winning praise for their fierce resistance to the enemy.    African American troops fought at Champagne-Marne, Meuse-Argonne, Belleau Woods, Chateau-Thierry, and other major operations. The 92nd and 93rd sustained over 5,000 casualties, including 1,000 soldiers killed in action. The 93rd included two Medal of Honor recipients, 75 Distinguished Service crosses, and 527 French â€Å"Croix du Guerre† medals. Red Summer If African American soldiers expected white gratitude for their service, they were quickly disappointed. Combined with labor unrest and paranoia over Russian-style â€Å"Bolshevism,† the fear that black soldiers had been â€Å"radicalized† overseas contributed to the bloody â€Å"Red Summer† of 1919. Deadly race riots broke out in 26 cities across the country, killing hundred. At least 88 black men were lynched in 1919—11 of them newly-returned soldiers., some still in uniform. But World War I also inspired fresh resolve among African Americans to keeping working towards a racially-inclusive America that truly lived up to its claim to be the light of Democracy in the modern world. A new generation of leaders was born from the ideas and principles of their urban peers and exposure to France’s more equal view of race, and their work would help lay the groundwork for the Civil Rights movement later in the 20th Century.

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Should The Dental Community Care About Cyber Security Essay

COURSE TITLE: CYBER TBD Reference Manual Table of Contents – To be developed Section 1. Overview of Current Cyber Security Threats Why should the Dental Community Care about Cyber Security? Imagine this: A virtual intruder, like Tony Soprano, quietly downloads countless patient files containing private medical information — names, procedures, medications, related claims data — which are then sold and resold across the globe. Or imagine that a few laptops containing much of the same type of data fall into the wrong hands. Such security breaches are increasingly making headlines as banks, brokerages, and even government offices grapple with such embarrassing and damaging thefts. This scenario — which could make a shady character like Tony Soprano a nice amount of cash — could be a nightmare for a health plan. Or, imagine this: You are on vacation, kayaking in Florida. Suddenly, the phone rings. It’s your office, with alarming news. Your server has been hacked, you are locked out of your electronic patient records, and you cannot access the records until you pay a ransom to the hackers who infiltrated your practice’s computer system. Your practice is being held hostage! Until you can unlock these records, you are helpless. You cannot take care of patients. You have no access to your appointment scheduler. You have no access to patient x-rays. Should you pay the $500 that is being requested? In these cases above, what is at stake? Your patients’ privacy? YourShow MoreRelatedCurrent State Of Management Information System2813 Words   |  12 Pagessector in the U.K, then we will talk about how information technologies are essential for specific business in the U.K and what kind of information technology are used in the Healthcare system in the U.K. As we know no businesses can succeed without information technology. At the center of every business in the U.K , found in all industries and businesses , Information technology provide jobs with many positions such as computer forensic, data analysis, cyber security and risk management just cited aRead MoreChild Care Level 35400 Words   |  22 Pages Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own uk home nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people? These are the laws to safeguard children: The children act 1989, The children act 2004, Child care 2006, Every child matters, Working together to safeguard children, The human rights act 1998, It might be difficult to accept but every child can be hurt, put at risk or harm or abused, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity. EachRead MoreHospital Management Information Management System13053 Words   |  53 PagesObjective At present the health care system of Bangladesh faces major challenges. We are unable to provide even primary medical care to our people let alone secondary and tertiary medical care. The current scenario of information flow in most of the hospital in Bangladesh presents a paper based, time consuming, inefficient system leading to problems of inefficient utilization of resources and problems to patients. All these problems and poor coordination – are closely connected to our failure toRead MoreComparative Study of Quality of Work Life Management in Tcs Ibm: a Case Study Analysis14194 Words   |  57 Pagesemployees. It helps to understand how good working conditions help employees to work more efficiently. ‘Quality Work Life’ emphasizes on how an employee and employer should keep a proper balance between their work and family. It emphasizes how people can keep balance by making their work timings flexible. QWL basically is all about employee involvement, which consists of methods to motivate employees to participate in decision making. This helps in building good relationships. The projectRead MoreGlobal Business Plan9701 Words   |  39 Pages1993. The predecessors can be linked back to 1951 with the originating organization, the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). In 1967, the ECSC became the European Community (Wikipedia, 2006). There are many different objectives for the EU. It’s â€Å"principal goal is to promote and expand cooperation among member states in economics and trade, social issues, foreign policy, security and defense and judicial matters† (Encarta, 2006). Citizens within the 25 countries were all granted European citizenshipRead MoreUnderstanding Children and Young Person Development Essay13960 Words   |  56 Pagesprinciples and values do you think are important in caring for children? There are many principles and values which are important in caring for children, however, the care, safety and welfare of the child are indeed paramount. Every child is unique and is entitled to the expertise given by the team of professionals concerned with his/her care. Values include human rights, individual difference, cultural diversity, equal opportunity, health and well being, educational, self esteem and resilience. TheRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pages Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Tenth Edition David A. DeCenzo Coastal Carolina University Conway, SC Stephen P. Robbins San Diego State University San Diego, CA Tenth Edition Contributor Susan L. Verhulst Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny, IA John Wiley Sons, Inc. Associate Publisher Executive Editor Senior Editoral Assistant Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Production Manager Senior Production Editor Freelance Development Editor Senior Designer InteriorRead MoreOverview of Hrm93778 Words   |  376 Pagesthink creatively, plan effectively and deal with people. Copyright  © Virtual University of Pakistan 1 Human Resource Management (MGT501) INTRODUCTION TO HRM After studying this chapter, students should be able to understand the following: Describe HRM? Explain why are we concerned about HRM? Discuss Road-map of HRM VU Lesson 1 LESSON OVERVIEW This chapter introduces the students with the basic concepts of the human resource management (HRM). During the lecture, we will be discussingRead MoreInternational Management67196 Words   |  269 PagesPioneer in International Management Education iii This page intentionally left blank Preface C hanges in the global business environment continue unabated. The global financial crisis and economic recession have challenged some assumptions about globalization and economic integration, but they have also underscored the interconnected nature of global economies. Most countries and regions around the world are inextricably linked, yet profound differences in institutional and cultural environmentsRead MoreLeadership for Health and Social Care and Children65584 Words   |  263 PagesQUALIFICATION HANDBOOK Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) (3978-51/52/53/54/55/56) December 2011 Version 2.1 (July 2011) Qualification at a glance Subject area City Guilds number Age group approved Entry requirements Assessment Fast track Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (England) 3978 19+ There are no entry requirements Portfolio of Evidence, Practical

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Jean Valjean was an alluring hero of Les Miserable Essay Example For Students

Jean Valjean was an alluring hero of Les Miserable Essay s for many reasons, one of which was his drastic conversion from a miserable criminal into a heroic, peaceful man. Jean Valjean seems like a three dimensional character at first. But deep inside his emotions he shows a defined viewpoint on life making him a flat character. One of the most compassionate things he did was guarding Cossette and treating her as if she were his own daughter. He is the main character, therefore there would essentially be no plot without him. His several journeys span across a length of twenty years. He is an extremely strong man. Sometimes his strength was a burden put upon him. His charisma and superhuman qualities make his character a figment of romanticism. Valjean was born a decent human being. Unfortunately he was born into poverty, which forced him to steal in order to survive. After getting caught stealing a loaf of bread he was imprisoned. A few years later he is caught after escaping, he is then sent to the galleys for 19 years. He later escapes from there to goto a town where he was not wanted. Still a criminal he steals some silverware from a kind priest who gave him shelter. When caught, the police ask the priest if Jean stole the silverware. To everyones surprise the priest said it was a gift this started his conversion toward a good life. After this he tried to live a peaceful life. He started a new factory in a new town employing several. Then a man in a city nearby was arrested under the name Jean Valjean. Jean was faced with a tough choice. Rather than letting the other man take the wrap for him, he chose to admit his identity to save the innocent man. Later, he rescued Cossette from her harsh life with the Thenardiers. He acted as her father while she grew up. Throughout these years. Jean was faced with obstacles that made him choose between right and wrong. He always chose the right path. From this Jean expressed that he only saw right and wrong, black and white, which made him two dimensional. His life was lead one way, his personality proved to respond one way, and his relevance to the story was set out in one way. This way was the way that things were done justly in his mind. His relevence to the entire structure of the story set aside from being the main character was crucial. He was portrayed as both the hero and the miserable.